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ME-2199 Breakup Dust Dense

ME-2199 Breakup Dust Dense

It's a fan-favorite for a reason. Breakup Dust-Dense works as an excellent texture gobo for a variety of event environments, both indoors and out.

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Metal - Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Gobo BridgingThe design of a metal gobo is laser cut out of stainless steel allowing light to shine through and project a white pattern on the surface. A color filter can be added to the fixture if color is desired.
Metal gobos require "bridging" which are very small lines that connect the internal structure of letters and designs. If bridging is not added, enclosed areas, such as the inside of the the letter 'O', would fall out.
Apollo metal gobos are made from 8 mil stainless steel with a high level of nickel and chromium. This type of steel produces a very durable gobo with fine detail image and a long life.
Competitor's gobos are made from 5 mil stainless steel with a high level of carbon. The carbon begins to oxidize (rust) and breakdown faster than a gobo made from steel with nickel and chromium.
Check it out! A magnet requires carbon steel to stick. A magnet will not stick to an Apollo gobo. However, since competitor's use carbon steel to make their gobos, it'll stick.
Metal gobos from our collection typically ships within 24 hours, depending upon quantity and production workload.
If you need a gobo sooner, please contact your authorized dealer or our customer service team and we will make every attempt to meet your deadline. In order to ensure the highest quality, some patterns cannot be produced in a particular size or substrate.

Aluminum® Option

Metal gobos now available in Aluminum! Apollo has worked hard to continually innovate in the gobo industry and we continue that tradition by offering all our metal patterns in aluminum. Aluminum Gobos By Apollo Design offer excellent dissipation and and a longer life span than traditional stainless steel gobos.

Apollo Aluminum gobos are .016" and are available in all sizes dependent on the pattern's level of detail and gobo size.

PrintScenic® Option

Many of our metal patterns are also available as a PrintScenic® gobo. This is dependent on the pattern's level of detail and gobo size needed. Contact our Customer Care team to find out if this pattern is available as a PrintScenic® gobo. PrintScenic® gobos are designed for use in approved LED fixtures only.

Custom Gobos

Can't find the perfect gobo? We can help. Custom gobos can be created from logos, photos or your own artwork. If you need help creating a design, our professional gobo designers can help (hourly rate applies). The Gobo Artwork Specifications provides additional details and our Customer Care team is available to answer any questions.

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Metal Gobo Features

  Stainless Steel Aluminum
Material .008" Stainless Steel .016" Aluminum
Color Black & White Black & White
Image/Process Vector/Laser-cut Vector/Laser-cut
Fixture2 Incandescent/LED Incandescent/LED
Bezel Not Included Not Included


  1. Longevity is affected by many factors including; fixture, usage, environment, pattern and other factors. Hours are not guaranteed.
  2. Verify fixture size prior to placing any order.