From Entertainment Lighting Trailblazers to Quality Enthusiasts

With over 30 years of combined manufacturing experience across our family of brands in Fort Wayne, Indiana, our founders, Joel and Keersten Nichols, have blazed a trail across a spectrum of sectors. Originally starting in the entertainment lighting industry, Apollo quickly became a leader in this industry… but we’re not stopping there.

Fast forward to now, we’re making use of our laser cutting, marking and manufacturing capabilities in new and exciting ways. With the combined horsepower of our engineering, art department, machine shop, assembly, and our ability to think creatively, we’re getting things done. And we’re having a great time doing it.

With the latest cutting-edge technology, our laser operation can produce permanent, precise markings on a variety of materials, resulting in high-quality detail on flat, irregular, or cylindrical items. Annealing marks, etching, deep engraving are some of our expertise. We are serving the lighting entertainment, healthcare, automotive, travel, theme park, promotional product, and retail industries.

We love a good challenge just as much as we love producing quality work.

At our facility, we don't just stop at offering laser marking, laser engraving, and fine kerf laser cutting services – we're a one-stop innovation hub. Our machine shop boasts an impressive array of 3D printers, ready to tackle any prototype or fabrication challenge you throw our way. Our passion for pushing boundaries matches our commitment to delivering top-tier craftsmanship, ensuring that every project we take on is a thrilling adventure in precision and innovation.