Collection: Approved LED Fixtures For PrintScenic® Gobos

PrintScenic® gobos have been tested and are approved for use with the following fixtures.
 Manufacturer Fixture 
 Altman ME3 
 American DJ  Gobo Motion LED
Gobo Projector IR
Gobo Projector LED
Ikon LED
Inno Scan LED
Quad Scan LED
Quad Scan Pro
Vizi Scan LED Pro
X-Color LED Plus
 Apollo Design Technology SpotFX 
 Blizzard  Ice 30
Torrent F3
 Chauvet  EVE E-50Z
EVE E-100Z
EZ Gobo
Gobo Zoom LED
Gobo Zoom LED 2.0
Gobo Zoom USB
Intimidator Scan LED 300
Ovation Min-E
Q-Spot 260 LED (Glass only)
Q Spot 360 LED (Glass only)
Gobo Shot 50W IRC
Q-Spot 150 LED
Q-Spot 160 LED
Intimidator Spot LED 150
Intimidator Spot LED 250
 Coemar Reflection LEDko 
 Darklight Gantom iQ 
 Derksen PHOS Mini
PHOS 20 Premium 
 Dortron  LED Projector
 Elation Colour 5 Profile
DW Profile LED
E Spot LED
WW Profile 
ETC  Series 1 Source Four LED
Series 1 Source Four LED - Lustr+
Series 1 Source Four LED - Tungsten
ETC Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr
 Eternal Lighting Ultra 100 LED 
 Fuel Lighting Fuel Profile 
 German Light Products Impression Spot One LED (glass only) 
 GoboSource ECO Spot LED 30-2 
 Lightronics Lightronics 
 Martin Professional  RUSH Gobo Projector 1
 Mega Lite Drama LED RGBW - 7010
Drama LED White 
OSRAM reios® G1 LED Image
Pinspot Projector 
Robert Juliat TIBO 530CWW
 Rosco iPro (plastic only) 
Selecon PL Profile 1 LED 
Spotlight miniProfile Zoom 50W LED
Profile Zoom 100W LED 
 Times Square LED10P