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Medical Laser Marking

When it comes to health, precision matters.

Laser cutting and laser marking of medical instruments require a partner you can trust.

Need a UDI code added to precision parts? We’ve got you covered. Laser marking is the perfect solution, and will not compromise component hygiene and codes, allowing medical instruments to withstand cleaning with alkaline substances and sterilization at high temperatures. Great for serial numbers, barcodes, logos, and other unique device identifying marks, laser marking on medical devices is also necessary to ensure product quality, prevent counterfeiting and increase patient safety.

Laser Engraving
  • Readable marks - Laser marking produces permanent, high-contrast marks on medical devices that ensure UDIs are visible and legible, and unlike other laser processes, no material is removed.
  • Operational precision - Laser marking does not require direct contact with the medical instruments, allowing for precise, repeatable results.
  • High durability - When laser marking medical devices, robust markings are generated which can withstand harsh environments and conditions. Laser marking is corrosion resistant and can withstand sterilization processes such as passivation, centrifuging, and autoclaving.
  • Faster - The laser marking process is highly efficient, with increased speeds that help organizations save time and money.
  • Material versatility: Laser marking is safe and effective on a wide variety of medical-grade materials.
  • Higher volume, better value - Great for high volume orders, our laser cut sheet parts are the best option when parts are needed in bulk.
Laser Marking

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