Custom Gobos

Where to Buy Apollo Products?

Apollo products are sold exclusively through our network of authorized dealers. To purchase Apollo products contact an authorized dealer directly.

Create Your Story

with Apollo MFG Custom Gobos

Transform a venue from ordinary to spectacular — and impact the overall feel of your event or project, and the mood of your guests — with Custom Gobos by Apollo MFG.

Project your Custom Gobo images on walls, floors, ceilings or exterior of buildings for a memorable experience.

Combine Apollo gobos to create a unique canvas that reflects the theme of the event or production. A corporate logo on the wall behind the podium and the product slogan on the stage floor creates an impressive effect that will be remembered by attendees. In theater and architectural projects, the only limitations are in the minds of its curators — and Apollo Representatives ( who are here to serve you.

If you need help creating a design, Apollo's art team can help (hourly rate applies). Apollo's Gobo Artwork Specifications provides additional details.

Gobos are a cost-effective way to transform a venue and wow your guests. Request a quote or order your Custom Gobo through your Apollo MFG Dealer.


Do you have keystone issues? No problem. We have the solution using Apollo's Keystone Formulas with essential measurements you supply , and our trained Apollo Representatives will do the rest.

Types of Gobos

Apollo manufactures a variety of gobos to fit every budget and lighting design application - architectural, themed environment, and entertainment/theater. Apollo gobo life ranges from approximately 70 to 400+ hours.1


Apollo's black and white Metal Gobos are rated for 100+ hours and are made from 8 mils stainless steel. Adding a filter for color is always an option.


SuperResolution® Glass2

Photograph and graphics are laser-etched in black and white, and grayscale, on our SuperResolution® line of gobos have a life expectancy of 400+ hours.1

ColourScenic® Glass2

Manufactured in color and color gradients on glass, ColourScenic® is Apollo's top of the line gobo. It's rated for 400+ hours.1

Printed gobos are available in color, gradients of color, black and white, and grayscale. PrintScenic® Plastic Gobos have a life expectancy of 70-80 hours, and PrintScenic® Glass Gobos 300-400 hours.1

Contact your Apollo Customer Care Representative to find out if the pattern and gobo size you need is available as a PrintScenic® gobo. PrintScenic® gobos are for use in approved LED fixtures only. 

1Longevity is affected by many factors. Hours are not guaranteed.
2In order to ensure the highest quality, some patterns cannot be produced in a particular size or substrate.

About Apollo MFG Custom Gobos

Apollo MFG, formerly Apollo Design Technology, officially launched in January 1992, as a Custom Gobo manufacturer. And Custom Gobos remain at the core of what we do today.

Our focus on quality never waivers. Apollo's care for the customer, attention to details, unrivaled turnaround time, and environmentally sound production sets us apart.

Apollo was a trailblazer in developing the technology to move from chemical to laser etching. The results were impressive: higher resolution, consistency in color and duplication, and faster turnaround time.

Since 2009, Apollo gobos are produced using clean laser manufacturing, eliminating toxic chemical waste. The industry recognized their initiative and granted Apollo MFG LDI’s Green Product Award: Laser Gobos (2009).