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SpotFX® Unit w/ power supply

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The SpotFX image projector utilizes advanced LED technology in combination with custom-made optics to project sharp, vibrant images. SpotFX can produce very high-quality images despite being impressively compact. Designed to work simply, the SpotFX image projector is compatible with all gobo materials including glass, metal and plastic.


  • Adjustable focus
  • Crisp image projection
  • Compatible with slide materials: Steel, glass and plastic
  • Compact size
  • On-board current control (12 Volts)
  • Manually adjustable rotation and tilt
  • Rated for 35,000 hours
  • 22mm image diameter
  • Compatible with rear-projection plastic

The color reference chart below represents what colors will show best. Please keep in mind that there are many variables when it comes to a projected image. Ambient light and the surface material are two key factors to consider.


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Product Data

Voltage 12 Volt
Watts 3.8
Current 0.5 AMP
Lumens 152 lm (estimated)
Color Temperature 7117K
CRI 75.3
Foot Candles 27.6 (estimated)
Image Diameter 22mm
Product Lifetime 35,000 hrs
Certification Ul Certification Logo
Focus Manual

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions Size 5.4"L x 2.8"H
Weight 16oz
Finish Black


  • Comes with a custom mounting bracket
  • Embedded 1/4''-20 nut for mounting
  • Can be mounted to standard camera tripod
  • Adjustable rotation and tilt

Package Contents

  • 12V Power supply
  • Installation Guide
  • Mounting bracket


  • IP42
  • UL Listed Power Supply
  • Apollo is the Exclusive US Distributor

Select patterns in our gobo catalog can be created for metal pattern usage as well as SuperResolution® glass or ColourScenic® patterns. This is dependent on the pattern's level of detail and gobo size needed.

Metal Gobos: Metal gobos require "bridging" which are very small lines that connect the internal structure of letters and designs. If bridging is not added, enclosed areas, such as the inside of the the letter 'O', would fall out.

SuperResolution® Gobos: A SuperResolution® gobo is a glass gobo that projects black & white or grayscale photographs or graphics with intricate detail. Donuts are recommended for use with SuperResolution® gobos. This creates a sharper image by blocking unwanted light.

2-Color Gobos: A 2-Color glass gobo is made from two color dichroic filters. It projects 2 colors with intricate detail. A reminder, a black filter is considered a color.

ColourScenic® Gobos: A ColourScenic® gobo is a glass gobo that projects full color, specific colors or gradients of color with intricate detail. In order to ensure the highest quality, some patterns cannot be produced in a particular size or substrate.

PrintScenic® Gobos: Many of our ColourScenic® glass designs are also available as a PrintScenic® gobo. Please check with your dealer for further details and availability.

Regular price $317.00
Regular price Sale price $317.00