Chief Innovation Officer - Joel Nichols

Joel Nichols

Chief Innovation Officer

The view from 10,000 feet is a well-worn phrase denoting a high-level perspective. Many people claim to have a birds-eye view of the competitive landscape.

 Joel proves it, literally and figuratively as a private pilot and entrepreneur.

Joel and his wife Keersten started Apollo MFG in the basement of their home in 1992. It was a modest beginning that has grown into a triad of thriving start-ups. In addition to Apollo MFG Joel owns Blue Pony, and AVID Labs®, LLC. All three companies boast first-rate talents.

Exercising his knack for change and looking at things differently, Joel’s endeavors have won multiple awards for product innovation and customer service, as well as over 10 patents.

Joel attended Purdue University and is an active member of his church community. He is a devoted husband and proud father of three sons and three grandchildren.

Joel shares, "Truly exceptional products balance on a knife’s edge of design and functionality." A believer in the Golden Ratio and an admirer of Dieter Rams, he believes design and innovation are what drives success.