At our shop we specialize in:

  • Laser marking – Applying artistic marking at varying sizes and technical marking to within +/- .005″
  • Laser engraving – Providing laser engraving at varying depths per specific application.
  • Thin metal cutting – Cutting of thin metals with narrow kerf widths determined by material thickness.

With a full machine shop and our 3D printing capabilities, we’re ready to take on jobs of all sizes for a variety of needs.

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Brands in our shop

Trumpf lasers
Kern lasers
TLC International glass cutting machines
Okuma CNC machinery
Bridgeport machinery
Clausing machinery
Starrett precision tools
Brown & Sharpe precision tools
Insize measuring tools
Mitutoyo precision tools
Fluke Instruments
Acu-Rite digital readouts
Kurt vises
LNS conveyors
Kitagawa lathe chucks
Sumitomo Drive Technologies
Supercut Tools
Kennedy tool chests
Sandvik tooling products
Baldor motors
sPINner deburring machines
Arctic Tools
Weller soldering products
Benchmade knives
Leatherman tools
Yeti drinkware