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New Equipment, New Capabilities

New Equipment, New Capabilities

Recently, our shop added another new piece of equipment to the mix: a CO2 laser! Why add this to our shop? CO2 lasers provide a lot of versatility, and for good reason. 

Precision and Versatility

CO2 lasers have a wavelength of around 10,600 nanometers, which is well-absorbed by organic materials like tissue. This makes them highly effective for precision cutting, engraving, and ablation in industrial applications. The focused beam allows for intricate and fine work, making CO2 lasers suitable for tasks where precision is crucial.

Non-Metallic Material Processing

CO2 lasers are particularly effective for cutting and engraving non-metallic materials. They can easily cut through materials like wood, acrylic, plastic, rubber, and various organic substances.

Minimized Thermal Damage

CO2 lasers operate in the far-infrared spectrum, and their wavelength is well-absorbed by water. This property allows for controlled and efficient cutting of materials without excessive thermal damage to the surrounding areas.

It's important to note that the choice of laser depends on the specific requirements of the application, and different lasers may be more suitable for different tasks based on their characteristics and properties. CO2 lasers are just one type of laser, and other lasers like fiber lasers and diode lasers have their own advantages depending on the intended use.

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