Staff Accountant - Kim

Kim Muller


Uncommonly self-aware, Kimberly knew she wanted to pursue a business career when she was still in middle school. “As a child,” she explains, “I first wanted to be a teacher, but quickly realized that I wouldn’t enjoy being around children all day!” Kim stayed true to the direction she envisioned in eighth grade and was never diverted by daydreams of tennis stardom, although she is a talented player and won awards from age seven through college. Instead, she graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with bachelor’s degrees in both accounting and business administration, joining Apollo MFG as a Staff Accountant in 2015 after first working as an Accounts Payable Specialist for an auto parts manufacturer.

Of her role with Apollo, Kim says, “I enjoy the challenge of critical thinking,” adding, “I’m passionate about best practices to make procedures easier and efficient.” Among her co-workers, she is known for having a keen eye for inventory analysis, keeping cycle counts, problem solving and organizing. Away from work, she unwinds by spending time with friends and family, meeting with her church group and finding new places to eat. She also enjoys taking to the road with her husband, even if it’s only a bike ride or a weekend trip. She can also be a homebody, catching up with her TV shows and movies. “I don’t think I could give up Coca-Cola or Netflix,” she admits.”

A born accountant, Kim cites the economic benefits of imaginary super powers. “I would want the powers of invisibility and teleportation,” she muses, “so I could travel anywhere and not pay for transportation!”