Customer Care - Rachel

Customer Care

As a Customer Care Representative at Apollo MFG, “I do what is right for the customer, make every effort to do it right the first time and rarely sugarcoat anything,” she explains. Her no-nonsense approach was honed in a quarter century of various roles in the banking industry – retail, training, recruiting and managing branch operation – before joining Apollo in 2008.
“Rach,” as she is known around the office, or “Ra” in more informal settings, is rightfully proud of her “two wonderful daughters,” both of whom enjoy “successful careers” and are “amazing moms.” The proof is in their offspring: “I think my grandkids are pretty awesome, too,” Rachel says, “and my husband – of course!” Most evenings and weekends, she attends her grandchildren’s soccer games and dance shows.
If she could be endowed with any special power, she would choose the ability to see into the future. She didn’t have to psychic, however, to foresee her career in banking and her current role at Apollo. Although Rachel has come a long way since her first job as a waitress while still in high school, she observes that she has “always worked with the public.” She was destined to take the bull by the horns and deliver customer care!