President - Keersten Nichols

Keersten Nichols


Keersten has held several positions at Apollo since she and husband Joel founded the company in 1992.

She was the first Accounting Manager for Apollo. She has done a little bit of everything including work in Assembly, the Machine Shop, and Art Setup. She has been the Art Director, Glass Department Manager, HR Manager, and now the President. Her experience in all production aspects of the company gives her a unique perspective essential in her role as President.

She’s also the one people go to for solutions. Keersten says, "I’m the logical one who likes practical, easy answers."

"Going into business with Joel at 20, I quickly learned we were a good team," she continues. "We’re opposites in many ways and complement each other. I knew I could do the support work he needed to make our dream a reality."

Keersten and Joel are the proud parents of three grown sons and three grandchildren. "We’re a close-knit family," she beams "and support each other’s crazy hobbies."

Her hobby – or, more precisely, her passion – is horses. "My very first job when I was 12 was 'pony girl' at the local zoo," she recalls. "I worked that job every summer, six days a week until I was 18. That was really my only opportunity to ride and be around horses." Today, her stable satisfies that yearning. She owns several competitive dressage horses. They also own a Springer Spaniel who does double duty as "Joel’s pheasant hunting companion and my walking buddy."

Keersten’s choice for the product that best combines design and functionality is her riding saddle. "It’s designed to give good support to the rider." she explains, "and comfort to the horse."