Customer Care - Matt

Matt Larsen

Customer Care

Matt is a great fit for the Apollo Customer Care team and takes great care of his dealer base.  Being the tallest in the department he says the weather up there is fine and he is happy to help shorter people get items off the top shelf at grocery stores.  He is motivated by food, sleep, and music, not necessarily in that order and every day should be taco day not just Tuesdays.  In his younger years, he lived in Saudi Arabia for about a year and has fond memories of going to the market at night and having shawarma for dinner and says it is almost worth a trip back. 

One of his most memorable job experiences involved a national touring band that was on the verge of becoming popular.  He worked at a venue that had paper tickets and his job was to tear every ticket in half at the door, all 1,800 of them, since these were the days before portable barcode scanners.  Just as the last few people were coming through the door, the band cancelled.  Still, to this day, he turns their music off on the radio.  Matt’s experience in stage lighting and sound has helped him fit in well at Apollo.  He started DJing in high school at school dances and after graduation he started DJing in local clubs/bars and later transitioned into mobile DJing for weddings and corporate events.  He says retired DJs never stop being a DJ they just stop taking requests.  Matt enjoys getting to know our dealers and learning how gobos will fit with their projects/events.