Laser vs Waterjet Cutting

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While both laser cutting and waterjet cutting are effective methods for cutting metal, you might be surprised to find that laser cutting can give you a better competitive edge. Due to its high precision, laser-cut parts require minimal finishing. But, that’s not the only advantage between the two.

Laser vs Waterjet Cutting

Benefits of Laser Cutting

  • Precision - Narrow kerf widths allow for greater detail, especially with intricate designs.
  • Less Waste - Laser cutting reduces material waste by using less raw materials (ie: abrasive materials and water.)
  • Faster - High-speed laser beams cut through product faster; in some cases 80-100x faster, which reduces overall production time, saving you money.
  • Excellent for thinner materials - Due to its precision, laser cutting’s narrow kerf widths and speed lend themselves well for thinner materials.
  • Versatility - Laser cutters can cut a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, fabric, and more. They are also capable of performing additional operations such as engraving, etching, all on the same machine!
  • Higher volume, better value - Great for high volume orders, our laser cut sheet parts are the best option when parts are needed in bulk.
Laser Cutting Materials

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