Facilities Manager - Ben

Ben Melvin


“Baling hay and picking up rocks” on the family’s farm were his earliest responsibilities – Ben has been well acquainted with hard work. His technical talent led him to a now 40-year career in the manufacturing sector and the position of Facilities Manager at Apollo MFG. Known for his uncanny knack of “making repairs to almost anything mechanical,” he works hard to make it look easy. “I’m deliberate about the job I do,” he explains. “I make sure the job is done in a timely fashion and done right.”

Away from work, he can be found on his motorcycle or “chilling and grilling” at his home on the lake. Placing the utmost importance on “my faith and my family,” Ben fully appreciates the joys of being a husband and father. “My family is the best,” he says. “My wife is totally awesome in every category. We have identical twin daughters who have been an absolute blessing in every way to us.” He also dotes on two small canine “lap companions” who are “totally opposite but exactly the same in so many ways.”

Holder of an industrial maintenance degree from Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana and a member of the Apollo team since 2003, he previously handled machine repair for a nationally known steelmaker. Not one for wasted motion, his career aspiration as a boy baling hay was to be “successful.” Early on, he took to heart what he calls the best advice he ever received: “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, you don’t have time to do it again.”