Customer Care - Mary

Customer Care

Hailing from a large, closely bonded family, Mary was practically destined to serve a Customer Care role at Apollo MFG. “I love working with people and hearing their stories,” she says, and her empathy developed early. With seven brothers, a twin sister, 25 nieces and nephews and assorted aunts and uncles, she knows how to get things done while working with a large group of people. She also knows how to be heard above the din, earning the nickname “Motor Mouth.” Moreover, she says, “We are practically our own non-profit group. There isn’t a weekend when you aren’t at someone’s house helping with something!’ She volunteers at church and contributes to the Wounded Warrior Project as well as Riley Children’s Hospital.
Away from work and other obligations, “My husband and I love to go walking in the woods and explore new places. I’m always losing him because he walks fast where I walk aimlessly taking photos of everything.” Married for more than 30 years, she calls her husband “My soul mate.” Their son lives in Los Angeles and edits movies and their daughter works with law enforcement. Both are “Smart just like their dad.” 
Mary attended Indiana Purdue University at Fort Wayne and before joining the Apollo team was a Senior Sales representative for a nationally known delivery firm and “wore a lot of hats” for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority. The Hula-hoop champion for three straight years in grade school, she longed to become a firefighter or helicopter rescue pilot. Most girls didn’t share those dreams, but, “My parents taught me I could do anything.”