The AVERE® 3 Wash-COB light is proudly built in the U.S.A. from machined aircraft-grade aluminum. This fixture is an IP68, UL Listed LED fixture designed for ease of use and future compatibility including front board replacement. This is also designed for outdoor and underwater use (Bronze version only) in architainment, commercial, retail, residential and architectural environments.


The unit is mounted in one of 2 ways.

1. Yolk mount – Pass a 3⁄8" stainless steel threaded rod passed through the bolt hole and secure using a nut and washer per the diagram below. The threaded rod should have sufficient chemical and corrosion resistance for the application.

2. Knuckle mount– For installations above water only. A knuckle mount with ground spike can be used. Electrical connections are made in a suitable NEMA box either buried or adjacent to the knuckle mount. 

Mounting Styles



Technical Information

  • Main Input - DC 12-24V WHITE, 24V RGBW
  • Power Consumption - 10W Max.
  • Submersion Depth - 1.0m Max., (Bronze only)
  • Power Cord - 6' – 120V SJEOW Outdoor Cable
  • Dimensions WxDxH - 3.00" x 2.81" x 5.00" (76.2mm x 71.34mm x 127mm)
  • Mounting Hole - 17/32" " or Knuckle Mount (optional)
  • IP Rating - IP68
  • UL Listed (USA and Canada) - E488649

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