Art Director - Tracie

Tracie Schmidt

Art Director

Tracie enjoys a challenge. As Art Director for Apollo MFG, Tracie says, “I like to do the hard artwork – to see how fast I can do it and get it right the first time.” Especially adept at solving “color issues,” she takes pride in being “very good with color and color matching.” Still, for all her talent, she says the super power she would most appreciate is telekinesis. With the occult ability to move objects by sheer force of will, Tracie says, “I’d finally have enough hands to get everything done!” Until she masters mind control, her efforts and efficiency are guided by some sage advice: “Don’t borrow worry.”

Away from work, she is fully devoted to her family. “I have a wonderful husband,” she enthuses. They have a son, whom they “love to pieces.” She says their son “loves to swim and smile and be around our retired therapy dog. They’re BFFs!” She and her husband are serious outdoor enthusiasts – kayaking, hiking and camping whenever they get the chance– and she is an active volunteer at her church. She especially enjoys working in the church nursery.

Tracie holds an associate’s degree in business science with graphic design from International Business College and joined the Apollo team in 2002. An early entrant into the working world, her first job was cashiering at a restaurant at 15. She became a shift leader for a nationally known pizza chain – “mmmm, pizza,” she interjects – and got a foothold in her chosen field designing ads for a newspaper in Wabash. When she was a girl, however, her vision of adulthood didn’t involve paints and Pantones. Her deepest wish was simply and poignantly to be “a mom.”