Laser Marking for the Holidays

Laser Marking for the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner. Branded promotional products are a fun, festive way to say ‘thank you’ to clients, employees, and prospects while expanding your overall brand awareness, but there are a number of reasons why branded promotional products can be of benefit to your business.

Brand recognition

Promotional products are tangible representations of your brand. Laser marked items such as a tumbler, keychain, or bottle opener can help increase brand visibility and recognition. Using our annealing process, we can even laser mark stainless steel items with a colorful, visually appealing mark. With personalization in mind, creativity has virtually no limit, and recipients of these items are more likely to remember your company and your offerings.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Offering a laser engraved promotional product can be a great way to show appreciation to existing customers. Laser engraved promotional products are personable and can show your customers that they feel valued, they are more likely to continue doing business with a company. The end results can foster a greater sense of appreciation towards your customers. 

Marketing and Advertising

In general, promotional products serve as cost-effective marketing tools. They can reach a wide audience at a relatively low cost per impression compared to other forms of advertising. For example, a branded water bottle could be seen by many people over its lifespan. Likewise, a laser cut coaster can blend in seamlessly in a desktop’s landscape, serving as a subtle daily reminder of your brand. 

This holiday season, the Apollo MFG team is showcasing a series of branded holiday ornaments. So, whether you’re in need of personalized, custom corporate ornaments or something else, call or email our team with your ideas! We’d love to create something unique for your promotional product needs.

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