Laser Marking

Deep laser engraving, micro-drilling, micro-milling, grinding, thin film ablation, thin metal cutting, engraving and laser foil processing will meet your needs.

Our array of CNC equipment includes Okuma 3-axis milling centers and 4-axis live tooling turning centers.

Our machine shop is fully equipped to accommodate all your prototype and fabrication needs.

Custom Engraving

Marking Types:
– Cylindrical marking of text or graphics
– Dials
– Knobs
– Disks
– Flashlights
– Pens
– Clamps
– Promotional materials

Material Types:
– Stainless and carbon steel
– Copper
– Brass
– Aluminum
– Assorted plastics
– Glass
– Leather

Artwork Expertise:
Artwork can be created from scratch, scanned or taken from graphic or CAD files. 1,000+ fonts are available with characters of any size. Our team of creative artists design graphics for your specific needs.

Thin Laser Cutting

Apollo Design MFG provides full service laser marking, micro-milling, micro-drilling, thin film ablation services with over 25 years of experience. Our machines are custom designed to do thin metal cutting with great detail on flat, irregular or cylindrical surfaces regardless of the artwork. Our laser operation produces permanent, precise markings on any material. We provide unique products and services for most industries including: lighting entertainment, automotive, travel, theme parks, retail and more!